Lamborghini Murcielago Performance Software Calibration

Posted by luis-galan | 01 December 2016 | PROJECTS

EVOMSit is fanatically obsessed with achieving ultimate perfection with our performance engine software. Their analytical tuning methods combined with methodical testing procedures, state of the art equipment and unmatched mechanical intelligence are fused together to create the ULTIMATE aftermarket performance software calibration.

EVOMSit is the only USA based software development company to offer a real performance software solution for the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murciélago. They have disassembled, calibrated, tested and performance validated various different Lamborghini vehicles to ensure our software upgrade is second to none. We perform testing in various climates, with different octane fuels, different hardware, including extreme heat testing with 91 octane fuel to ensure our software is safe in all conditions. Additionally, we developed proprietary ECU flashing and software development tools made specifically for the Lamborghini EFI Technologies and Bosch ECU’s. Our tools, software and strict tuning procedures are second to none and the results are remarkable.

Our testing and performance validation procedures are carried out under very strict conditions including dyno power testing and drive simulation, street driving as well as on the race track. Our modified vehicles have been tested by professional race drivers for independent validation and product feedback at the Bondurant test track. We have tested vehicles with performance exhausts as well as exhaust bypass to ensure our software is compatible and yields powerful results. Our portfolio of performance software is available for all Gallardo and Murciélago vehicles including the LP640, LP650, LP670, Superleggera, LP550 and LP560.

EVOMSit Performance Software Upgrades for European Automobiles in The Woodlands, TX & Houston is available through Autodynamica Performance.

Call us today at 281.292.7755 or e mail us at for more information and pricing

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