Porsche 997 T AWE Tuning 750R Power Package

Posted by luis-galan | 01 December 2016 | PROJECTS

AWE’s exclusive dealer and certified installation center in The Woodlands, TX and Houston, just finished another amazing Porsche 997 Turbo with an impressive 750R power package from AWE Tuning installed

As tested, our 750R package will outrun a Ferrari 599, Porsche Carrera GT, or Murcielago LP 640 from 0-60 and also in the quarter mile. At full weight, on pump fuel, and on street tires. No tricks here. Just get in and drive.

AWE Tuning strives to develop performance products that enhance the driving experience with none of the ill effects that come from improper engineering. With this mindset, we set a goal for the 997TT platform and began working diligently: 700 Horsepower on pump fuel and 750 Horsepower on race fuel.

After almost two long years of research and development, we have achieved our power targets in a daily drivable, bolt-on package, unrivaled in the industry.

Highlights of this kit:

  • High Flow AWE Tuning VTG Turbos
  • AWE Tuning 997TT Muffler with German HJS Catalysts
  • 321 Stainless Steel AWE Tuning 997TT Headers
  • CAD/CFD Developed AWE Tuning 997TT Intercooler Kit
  • Large Bore AWE Tuning 997TT Throttle Body
  • Sachs Racing Stage2 Clutch Kit (for 6sp cars)
  • Proprietary G.I.A.C. Software with Handheld Switching Feature

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.  Call us today 281.292.775  or email us service@autodynamica.com

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