Porsche 991 Turbo/S Performance Upgrades

Posted by Autodynamica | 3 December, 2016 | BLOG

GIAC have the tools, experience, knowledge and diligence to create software packages that will draw out the optimum performance in all Porsche ® applications they support. They achieve success with these cars by spending the time with them on the dyno, monitoring the performance, driveablilty, and a host of sensors and other parameters. Autodynamica offer a complete range of performance programming for Porsche ® cars past and present, spanning many different applications. We have programs for fuel quality ranging from 91 to 105 octane covering both normally aspirated and turbo models. All programs feature full recalibration for all driving conditions, which GIAC can replicate at their test facility in Irvine CA. A four wheel load bearing dyno  can run emulators, scopes, serial diagnostic tools and air/fuel meters on a car while they simulate driving it up and down hills, blast through a quarter mile race, or just run simple power pulls.

Presenting the only Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S Exhaust System with enough craftsmanship to bear the AWE Tuning name. Behind the finished product are hundreds of hours of prototyping, engineering, research, testing and daily usage evaluation; outputting an exhaust system that is equal parts sophisticated and aggressive.


Power, performance and sophistication:

Peak Gains: + 29 hp / + 32 ft lb at the crank with RSR Style Tips
Peak Gains: + 20 hp / + 20 ft lb at the crank with OE tips or Quad Tips
German-made 200 cell HJS HD metal-core catalysts
No CEL. Guaranteed.
3.0″ mandrel-bent tubing with H-Pipe crossover for optimal performance
T-304 Stainless Steel Tubing
Direct bolt-on
Included gaskets & hardware
Engineered, designed and manufactured in house at AWE Tuning
The AWE Tuning Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S Performance Exhaust System Product Suite

Three 991 Turbo / Turbo S options from which to choose:

RSR Style Tips: This tip option provides the most power, as it carries the 3” tubing straight through to the end. Available in AWE Tuning Diamond Black finish, or Chrome Silver. Tested and proven under extreme conditions.
Quad Outlet Tips: Also available in AWE Tuning Diamond Black, or Chrome Silver finish.

Retaining stock tips: Not ready for the tips? Not a problem. The AWE Tuning Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S Performance Exhaust System is compatible with factory tips, for those who want to keep the aesthetics under wraps. You can always add tips later by contacting us here. One system. Many talents.

Porsche 991 Turbo S, AWE EXjaust, Modulares Wheels, Techart Springs

Producing an exhaust system that is both aggressive at full throttle yet civil enough for Bluetooth calls is no small endeavor. AWE Tuning sound engineers carefully studied the tones of the multiple prototype 991TT systems at various RPMs, and meticulously engineered a bespoke 991TT solution (as opposed to a repurposed 997.2TT system) to combat frequencies that are not appropriate for a supercar of this caliber – retaining and building upon only the perfect notes.

Premium German made 200 cell HJS HD metal core catalysts guarantee Check Engine Light free operation, 3.0″ diameter tubing and the AWE Tuning muffler design routes exhaust through two proprietary and hand-crafted mufflers, while an H-Pipe design helps ensure the perfect note.

Each TIG weld is hand finished internally, and gas purge welded. Flange openings are size matched to their ports, all to produce the smoothest flow possible.

The result is an exhaust system that unlocks the 3.8L Twin Turbo powerplant in both performance and sound, in a way that no other can.

Autodynamica in The Woodlands, TX is an authorized dealer and installation center for all GIAC/AWE performance systems. Visit us and let us unleash you Porsche’s full potential.

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