Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust

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Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust

Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust is Constructed using high grade ultra lightweight special titanium alloys. With parts cast in Akrapovič’s in house foundry this process provide a weight reduction of 35.2% over the stock exhaust. Larger diameter tubes assist airflow and a different system configuration. This system lowers backpressure to increase performance and power outputs.


This system is ECE type approved and comes with easy to install instructions. It is finished with a carbon-fibre outer sleeve on the tailpipes. Especially when combining the Slip-On system with the optional stainless-steel link pipe sets with or without catalytic converters, it emphasizes the character of the Ferrari V8 (flat-crank engine) sound with the unique Akrapovič note.

When installing Akrapovič optional link pipe set with or without catalytic converters, remapping the ECU is mandatory.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Slip-On Line (Titanium) MTP-FE488H


Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness. Significant gains in power and torque are achieved throughout the entire rpm range. All Akrapovič exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled flowbenches.


power kW 485.5 / 7000 rpm 489.9 / 6850 rpm + 5.7 / 6800 rpm
HP (m) 660.1 / 7000 rpm 666.1 / 6850 rpm + 7.8 / 6800 rpm
HP (i) 651.1 / 7000 rpm 657.0 / 6850 rpm + 7.7 / 6800 rpm
torque Nm 741.5 / 5700 rpm 742.5 / 5700 rpm + 6.3 / 5200 rpm
lb-ft 546.9 / 5700 rpm 547.6 / 5700 rpm + 4.6 / 5200 rpm
weight kg 10.8 7.0 – 3.8
lb 23.8 15.4 – 8.4

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