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Increasing the power and acceleration of a Porsche Turbo may not be easy for many. But when you have more than twenty years working in this industry and have the right knowledge and connections, it is simple and very safe.


As always, one of the most important parts is the engine software calibration. That’s why we work with GIAC, based in California and with many years of experience, knowledge, development, countless tests on the dynamometer, on the track and on the street guarantee us more power, greater acceleration and massive torque gains without sacrificing the quality of driving.


By increasing the boost pressure in the turbo we are able to generate more power and a greater flow of air leaving the engine for this reason it is very important to use an adequate exhaust system. Tubi in Italy offers a system with HJS high flow catalytic converter that guarantee us better flow, this system is less restrictive and thanks to the central muffler produces a pleasant sport sound.


The induced air to the engine passes through the intercoolers so it is important to ensure that this air passes as cold as possible to ensure a greater volume. Champion Motorsports offers a complete bolt on intercooler system for the Porsche 991 & 991.2 Turbo and Turbo that guarantees to fulfill this mission.


For over twenty years we have worked with Porsche cars, our work has proven its quality on the streets and on the tracks of USA and Mexico. Our customers always look for the best, they trust us and thanks to them the best cars go through our hands.

For more information about our products and services please call us at (281) 292 7755 or write to tuning@autodynamica.com

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