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Autodynamica in The Woodlands TX offers maintenance service, repair, body shop & performance upgrades for all Ferrari vehicles. With more than 20 years of experience working on Ferrari cars, we have the skills, knowledge and specialized tools to perform every service according to the Italian manufacturer standards.

We use only original Ferrari parts and fluids to ensure that your car will work perfectly, our technicians have years of experience working with Ferrari cars. We have access to specifications and service bulletins, our factory scanner allows us to detect failures and make the necessary adjustments after each service or repair.



Ferari 16M Service

This Ferrari 16M came with some failures on the F1 system, after reading these fault codes with our ST5 scanner, we detected a loss of pressure in the system, this type of failure does not allow that any gear can be selected and makes impossible to continue driving the vehicle.



Ferari 16M Service

After replacing the pressure accumulator and have the system bleed, the F1 system returned to work the correctly, the self learning process assures us a proper operation to continue enjoying the performance of this vey unique limited edition Ferrari 16M.



Ferari 16M Service

To commemorate Ferrari’s 16th victory in the Formula 1 Constructor’s World Championship in 2008, Ferrari unveiled the Scuderia Spider 16M at World Finals in Mugello. It is a convertible version of the 430 Scuderia.



Ferari 16M Service

The engine produces 510 PS (375 kW; 503 hp) at 8500 rpm and 470 N·m (350 lb·ft) torque at 5250 rpm. The car has a dry weight of 1,340 kg (2,954 lb) (80 kg lighter than the F430 Spider) and a curb weight of 1,440 kg (3,175 lb). The chassis was stiffened to cope with the extra performance available and the car featured many carbon fibre parts as standard. Specially lightened front and rear bumpers (compared to the 430 Scuderia) were a further sign of the efforts Ferrari was putting into this convertible track car for the road. Unique 5-spoke forged wheels were produced for the 16M’s launch and helped to considerably reduce unsprung weight with larger front brakes and callipers added for extra stopping power (also featured on 430 Scuderia). It accelerates from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 315 km/h (196 mph).[21]



Ferari 16M Service

Only 499 vehicles were released beginning early 2009 and all were pre-sold to select clients.



Ferari 16M Service

Autodynamica offers service, repair, performance upgrades and body shop services for the entire line of Ferrari automobiles with quality and honesty that characterizes us for over twenty years.

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