K40 RL360i Radar Detector, Range Rover

Posted by luis-galan | 02 December 2016 | PROJECTS

World’s First Custom-Installed Front & Rear Radar Detection System

The customizable RL360i is the world’s first radar detection system with both front and rear radar receivers, providing directional awareness to police radar threats. The K40 RL360i can be installed & customized to every vehicle by Autodynamica, and up to four Laser Defuser g5s can be added for protection from police laser threats.

Directional Awareness — The RL360i gives the driver increased detection range with front-focused and rear-focused radar receivers. This dual receiver configuration allows for front and rear directional awareness to police radar threats through voice alerts and two LEDs (the left is for front radar signals, and the right is for rear).

Discreet & Custom Installation — Installed by master technicians, the RL360i retains the appearance of the vehicle’s interior by using only two alert LEDs in the instrument cluster and an easy-to-conceal remote (see photo above). The remote controls everything from the brightness of the alert LEDs to the system’s mute settings and GPS features.

The RL360i offers drivers 16 customizable settings, including GPS features such as

Quiet Ride — The K40 RL360i allows the driver to set a minimum detection speed that eliminates all audible alerts until the vehicle exceeds that selected speed. You decide when you want to hear an alert. With Quiet Ride, there are no more constant, annoying alerts when traveling in areas with a high concentration of non-police radar sources (example: automatic doors).

Mark to Alert — The RL360i allows the driver to build their own database of locations that are important to them. Mark to Alert for locations such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red light cameras.

K40’s Exclusive RL360i Guarantees: If you get a speeding ticket, we’ll pay for it.*

Find the best system configuration by calling Autodynamica today at (281) 292-7789

* Ticket-Free Guarantee not valid for tickets written in school or construction zones, or incurred with a DUI or DWI violation. All tickets covered for first year of product ownership. Ticket-Free Guarantee extension available to U.S. customers only. Call 800.323.5608.

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