Porsche 991 Turbo Performance Upgrades, Woodlands, TX

Posted by luis-galan | 02 December 2016 | PROJECTS

The new Porsche 991 is the internal designation for the seventh generation of the 911. As the replacement for the 997 turbo the new Porsche 991 turbo is a entirely new platform with a twin turbocharged 3.8 litre engine which is capable of generate 513 hp and 457 lb-ft tq The all-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual clutch sequential transmission (PDK). can reach 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds.

Get better acceleration through a secure process that ensures a perfect operation is not something easy, that’s why we at work exclusively with the best companies in the world to provide the best bolt on systems to increase horsepower, torque and acceleration.

There are not many manufacturers who can claim to have an exhaust system that makes power, produces an aggressive sporty tone, and still has a minimal effect on drivability and cabin noise. Tubi Style is well known for providing that best of both worlds, the “Race” exhaust system is the non cat version for the Porsche 991 Turbo which produces an unmatched aggressive sound that can only come from a Tubi. Like every exhaust in the Tubi lineup, the 991 Turbo system is made entirely by hand using the highest grade stainless steel available. Their patented muffler design provides dramatically improved exhaust flow, which is responsible for gains of 20hp.

The efficiency of an intercooler in any turbocharged engine is absolutely crucial to the overall performance of the engine. Because turbochargers generate a tremendous amount of heat, it becomes necessary to drastically cool their charged output air before it enters the intake manifolds, and further along into the combustion chamber. Colder air is more dense and contains more oxygen then warmer air, because of this, the engine’s management system can introduce a higher proportion of fuel into the mixture, which in turn creates more power.

The larger capacity intercoolers offered by Champion Motorsport are a real piece of art, these intercoolers fits like a glove, they work really well in combination with the Tubi Race exhaust system and the GIAC Stage II plus engine software calibration, they have the tools, experience, knowledge and diligence to create software packages that will draw out the optimum performance in all Porsche vehicles.

For twenty years Autodynamica has been working on Porsche cars with impressive results, please let us transform your car into something extraordinary. Visit us or give us a call (281) 292-7789 to schedule an appointment with our team of experts.

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