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Posted by Autodynamica | 3 December, 2016 | BLOG

EVOMSit Performance Software Upgrades for European Automobiles in The Woodlands, TX & Houston is available through Autodynamica Performance

It only happens once a year our annual software sale has begun. Now until the end of the year all of our EVOMSit ECU / TCU tuning is 20% off MSRP!!

EVOMSitcombines our superior mechanical expertise with an  unequivocal capacity to calibrate the most complex automotive computer electronics. When you experience an EVOMSit upgrade for your vehicle, you will begin to realize our world of intelligent tuning, insanely tuned. EVOMSit calibrations have been tested under the most grueling conditions during dyno simulation in our state-of-the-art AWD dyno cell as well as in real world driving on the street and on the race track. We further scrutinize and refine our software during our eDRIVE independent product validation program to produce unmatched results.


  • Increased HP / TQ
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Dyno Tested
  • Real World Tested
  • OBD II Compliant
  • Performance Validated
    by the EVOMS team, real customers and professional drivers
Call us today at 281.292.7755 or e mail us at for more information and pricing

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