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European Car Repair Woodlands, TX

We are Woodlands European car repair specialists,  we’ve built our solid reputation over the past twenty years of business. Our factory trained technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to repair your Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or Maserati. Your car is always in good hands at Autodynamica!

Porsche Service and Performance The Woodlands, TX

OEM Parts

We use original parts and lubricants of the highest quality to ensure your car will work correctly. Additionally we offer you parts made by original equipment suppliers at affordable prices, this allows you to save money without affecting the quality of your car.

European car repair Woodlands TX

Why does the motor oil need to be changed regulary?

The motor oil costs only a small fraction of the total amount that you spend on your car but choosing the right oil can save you large sums. Low quality or overused motor oil is not capable of fulfilling its duties and can cause a series of problems. Autodynamica offers you oil change for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or Maserati.


European car repair Woodlands TX

Service & Performance

Autodynamica provides advanced and proven service & performance enhancements. Based in The Woodlands, TX just minutes away from Houston. Autodynamica can provide exceptional support for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or Maserati. Fully staffed with a team of highly trained automotive specialists, we are ready for your next pit stop.

Performance enhancement

Alignment, Tires & Suspension

We offer a four-wheel alignment service with state of the art equipment.  When it’s time for tires we sell Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and most other major brands.  We have the latest in tire handling and alignment equipment and technicians who really know how to use them. Don’t wait until your tire tread is scrubbed away.

European Car Alignment Woodlands TX

Please visit us and let us show you why the best cars pass through our hands.

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