Porsche 991.2 Turbo S Performance Enhancement

Posted by luis-galan | 16 June 2017 | PROJECTS

Porsche 991.2 Turbo S Performance Enhancement

This red 2017 991.2 Turbo S arrived to increase power, acceleration and to improve the visual and exterior. Until now this is is the most powerful 911 built ever. However, there are some who are always looking for more power, more torque and more fun.

The twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre engine generates 580 bhp and 516 lb·ft of torque, but can be pushed to 553 lb·ft on over boost mode. This vehicle has an all-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual clutch sequential transmission. Turbo S can reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds.

Experience Matters

For more than twenty years, we carefully select the best components to achieve a truly fast and powerful car but docile enough to drive every day. For this project, we concentrated on many important details. First, to integrate parts that allow us to increase the flow on the intake and the exhaust. Next, a better and more precise programming in the engine control unit. Finally, the reduction of temperature of the induced air to the engine generated by the turbochargers.

Air Induction and Temperature

The AWE Tuning intercoolers and air intake for the Turbo S have a perfect integration and without doubt the perfect description of bolt on. Installation is easy and simple just like the components designed by the German manufacturer. The intercoolers shrouds look very impressive in carbon fiber but the efficiency is what makes it worthy. Thanks to the reduction of air temperature, GIAC programming can be more aggressive in achieving the best results to date in this car.

Carbon Fiber Intake

The AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Intake is the first fully enclosed carbon fiber intake solution for the Porsche 991 Turbo/S. Stunning looks, breath taking performance and a 22% increase in air filter surface area. Airbox design increases intake and turbo spool sounds. Results indicate max gains of 22 hp and 22 ft-lbs of torque at the crank with no Check Engine Light – Guaranteed.

IPD Intake Plenum and Y  Pipe

The 991.2 Turbo Plenum upgrade delivers staggering engine power and torque gains that will raise the performance bar of the already potent supercar as well as the hairs on your neck.  Max power gains of 45+ wheel HP come in at 4300 RPM and hold strong all the way to redline. Torque is even more impressive at 60+ in the midrange with a massive torque gains from 3500-5000 RPM.

Sport Springs

GMG 991 Sport Lowering Springs offers the 991 Turbo and Turbo S a 28mm drop without sacrificing ride quality.  The springs are designed and tuned to work with the stock factory dampers. The proprietary spring rate was finalized after a development process with GMG’s race engineers who then went to the suspension experts at Eibach.  These springs feature a progressive rate design with stepless pitch.

Water Methanol

Our gas water-methanol injection kits produce a finely atomized mixture that’s injected into the combustion chamber at precise times. The water enters the combustion chamber and decreases the inlet air temperature by up to 100 degrees more than any air to air intercooler. One of the highest octane fuels on the planet, methanol, enters the combustion chamber and spikes the effective octane of the fuel you are using by 25 points. Combine the two together and you now have one of the coldest air charges possible and a octane monster running race gas!

BBS FiR Forged CL Wheels

One Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels designed and produced in the Motorsports department for performance minded Porsche owners.

AWE Tuning Exhaust

Producing an exhaust system that is both aggressive at full throttle yet civil enough for Bluetooth calls is no small endeavor. Using the AWE Tuning 200 Cell HJS HD High Flow Cat Sections, AWE Tuning sound engineers carefully studied the tones of the multiple prototype 991TT systems at various RPMs, and meticulously engineered a bespoke 991TT solution (as opposed to a repurposed 997.2TT system) to combat frequencies that are not appropriate for a supercar of this caliber – retaining and building upon only the perfect notes. All while producing an impressive 29+ horsepower at the crank along with the AWE Tuning No CEL Guarantee.

We are sure that we have another satisfied customer. We have transformed this 991.2 Turbo S in to something truly impressive. The acceleration and torque leave you breathless, our power upgrade system for this car raises it to 700 hp and 720 pounds of torque.

If you want us to transform your Porsche into something extraordinary, do not hesitate to come and witness why only the best cars pass through our hands.

Call us today (281) 292-7755 or visit us to show you the most exclusive products for your Porsche.

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