Porsche GT3 RS Upgrades

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Porsche GT3 RS Upgrades

Without a doubt the Porsche GT3 RS version offers excellent power, acceleration and stability. The 4.0-litre unit with 500 horsepower and 339 pound-feet (460 N·m) of torque. The drivetrain delivers 0-62 mph (0–100 km/h) in 3.4 seconds (0.6 seconds quicker than the 997 GT3 RS 4.0) and 0-124 mph (0–200 km/h) in 10.9 seconds.

Akrapovic Exhaust System

The titanium Evolution Line is a full system designed to give noticeably increased power at higher revs. With superb attention to detail, including parts cast in Akrapovič’s own titanium foundry, the craftsmanship and coating finish on the system is a joy to behold. With a newly developed exhaust manifold, incorporating 100 cpsi sports catalytic convertors and side mufflers—all designed to increase power and torque—the Evolution Line utilizes integrated catalytic convertors and the functionality of the new exhaust valves to deliver an out-and-out attack on the senses.

    +10.0kW @ 8000 rpm
    -14.1kg (-31 pounds)
    +27.3Nm @t 3850 rpm

EVOMSit Performance Software

EVOMSit engine software calibration adds horsepower, torque and a better throttle response throughout the entire power band.  This calibration is a big improvement for the new 991. GT3 RS S specially when it’s combined with a full exhaust system and high flow cats.

GT3 Cup Suspension

The GT3 Street Cup Suspension Package improves the handling response of the vehicle by upgrading the factory springs with an improved linear rate springs and replacing the factory arms and links with the motorsport Cup version that uses spherical bearings.

  • 2 Coilover Spring (Front)
  • 2 Coilover Spring (Rear)
  • 2 Coilover Helper Spring (Front)
  • 2 Coilover Helper Spring (Rear)
  • 2 Billet Monoball Lower Trailing Arm
  • 2 Billet Monoball Upper Trailing Arm
  • 2 Billet Monoball Upper Wishbone
  • 2 Monoball Front Bearing Flange
  • 2 Monoball Rear Bearing Flange
  • 2 Upper Spring Rest
  • 2 Lower Spring Rest
  • 2 Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Front
  • 2 Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Rear

Track Setup

Autodynamica is a premier Porsche GT3 / RS specialist, this means that we get a lot of Porsche GT2s and GT3s in the workshop for tuning and track day setup on our Hunter laser alignment ramp. This 991 GT3 RS came for setup tweaks including extra front and camber. The standard Porsche arms do not permit enough movement for more aggressive setups, so we alter the geometry using a mix of Porsche components.

Corner balancing, sometimes referred to as “corner weighting,” “weight jacking,” or “scaling,” involves adjusting the spring perches of a car to get a balanced diagonal weight on the tires. Ideally the car should have 50% of its weight on the Left Front and Right Rear tires, and 50% on the Right Front and Left Rear. If your car’s diagonal corner weights are not equal then its handling will be unbalanced–it will turn better in one direction than in the other Aerodynamic styling

Techart Carbon Fiber

TECHART Carbon Fiber Packages are available for the 911 GT3 RS, TECHART offers carbon fiber packages which include carbon slats for the front wheel arch air outlets. side skirts, front lip, rear diffuser, mirror covers, air intakes and more.

Carbon fiber front lip.

Carbon fiber air inlets.

Carbon fiber air outlets

Carbon fiber deck lid cover

The final result is very impressive but is even better to have another happy customer!!

If you want us to transform your Porsche into something extraordinary, do not hesitate to come and witness why only the best cars pass through our hands.

Call us today (281) 292-7755 or visit us to show you the most exclusive products for your Porsche.

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