Ferrari 488 Novitec NLargo

Posted by luis-galan | 16 May 2018 | PROJECTS

Ferrari 488 Novitec NLargo

Novitec is the world’s renowned tuner for Ferrari automobiles. The Ferrari 488 GTB is a mid-engined sports car from the masters at Maranello and this is the successor for the 458 Italia. 

Ferrari is synonymous with performance and exclusivity but for some customers, this is not enough, and they want to transform their cars into something unique and rare. 

That’s why we are here! 

With more than 21 years of experience, we can transform and make it stand apart from the rest. The N-Largo is a very limited production program for the 488 GTB and only three owners within the US will be lucky enough to possess one of these cars. 

Novitec created their own carbon fiber wide-body fenders for all four corners, adding 5.5 inches of width above the rear axle and 2.75 inches up front. 

Those fenders are filled by a set of 21” front and 22” rear forged Novitec wheels, a sport suspension with front nose lift option that lowers the vehicle by about 1.4 inches compared to the stock supercar, and a large rear wing with a very impressive diffuser and set of custom bumpers that aim to increase downforce. 

In addition to looking badass, they’re specifically designed to improve airflow to the brakes and engine through a series of well-placed air intakes. 

The rear bumper’s design with the flat, angular look gives the new back-end a similar look to one of Maranello’s finest creations, the Ferrari F40. 

By adding a couple of upgraded plug and play ECU modules that can be controlled by the flipping of a switch located on the steering wheel, and a full valved exhaust system with high flow catalytic converters, the 488 GTB is able to deliver 772 hp and 658 lb-ft. with a 0 to 60 mph time of just 2.6 seconds and a 213 mph top speed. That would put the N-Largo’s performance just above the V-12 engined F12. 

The car also has an electronic exhaust modulator and a front-lift system that can raise the front end 1.5 inches to help conquer the most stubborn parking lot access ramp. 

If you thought the LaFerrari was hard enough to find, you’ll have to double your efforts to grab one of these—Novitec is only making 22 N-Largos for the entire world, split evenly between the 488 GTB and Spider bodies. 

We at Autodynamica are very lucky because we are the only shop in the United States that has had the opportunity to build two cars with the exclusive N-Largo program.


This program includes specially produced lights with custom black lenses. Thicker and more ergonomic steering wheels that use the factory airbag. Pedal sets and High-quality carbon fiber parts for the engine compartment, interior, and exterior that give you the ability to add the finishing touch to your vehicle.

Call us today (281) 292-7755 or visit us and let us transform your Ferrari into something really exclusive and unique.

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