Mercedes G550 4X4 Brabus

Posted by luis-galan | 21 November 2018 | PROJECTS

Mercedes G550 4X4 Brabus 

Another Mercedes G550 4X4 arrived to be transformed with the very impressive BRABUS program. As you know, this German tuner offers the highest quality in each of its components.

For the front, we decided to add the lighting package that consists of corner elements with multifunctional driving lights, dark replacement bi-xenon headlights with black DRLs and a wiring kit with a switch to make functional the roof lights.

To achieve a more sporty look we decided to paint the grille and lower skid plate in satin black, we also added the “B” Brabus central emblem in red, we replace the turn signal lights of the fenders by the carbon fiber vents and we also add the very impressive carbon fiber hood scoop.

To facilitate access to the cockpit of this beast we install the BRABUS electrically extendable running boards as well as the valve controlled sport exhaust.

For the back we eliminate the chrome details and lower impact bar, we paint the emblems in satin black.

We believe that the result of this project is very impressive, the BRABUS program adds a touch of class and exclusivity making it unique.

The wheels were also painted in a satin black colour to follow the concept of this SUV.

In Autodynamica we have more than twenty-three years modifying and personalizing the best cars, we have the support of the most exclusive tuners in the world and we offer only the best products.

Carbon fiber mirror covers, please!

A close view of the carbon fiber hood scoop.Very impressive, right?

Smile please, you are in camera!!

The BRABUS lighting system integrates perfectly with the CAN system of the vehicle to avoid any conflict since it is very complex.

Yes, we already know! There will be some limitations to access some places but these will be rewarded for the pleasure of driving a unique car.

The rear bumper is replaced by this version with LED reverse and brake lights.

If you are looking to make your car unique, exclusive and functional put in the hands of experts, call us or email us today. We guarantee that we will make for you the car of dreams.



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