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Ferrari Novitec Upgrades

Having the opportunity to admire in person a Ferrari with the N Long program from Novitec is a fortune, some of us are a little bit luckier because our work allows us to be responsible for coordinating, installing and creating each of these exclusive models of a limited edition.

Ferrari Novitec Upgrades are the best and most exclusive programs in the world.

Having made one of the impressive F12 models with the N Largo program has been an honour for the entire Autodynamica team.

As many of you know the F12 was the first Ferrari to receive this exclusive program and due to its success has begun to be offered for other models such as California and more recently for 488 GTB and spider.

With more than twenty-five years in this industry, Autodynamica is undoubtedly synonymous of the highest quality automotive service, from basic maintenance to the most exclusive and complex projects at the client’s pleasure.

Autodynamica offers you the entire line of Novitec products for the wide variety of Ferrari models, from wheel and suspension components, high-quality carbon fibre parts, sport exhaust systems, performance enhancement systems and many other parts.

With an F12 and two 488 with the program N Largo installed by our team, we became one of the largest distributors in the world for this prestigious German tuning brand.

Additionally, we have installed hundreds of carbon fibre parts, suspensions, exhaust systems and programs to increase power and acceleration. Our staff has the experience and specialized tools to make each project a work of art.

Get close to the experts and let us transform your Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce or Maserati with the most exclusive products, remember that experience counts.

Autodynamica is located in The Woodlands, TX 40 miles north of Houston, we have access to specialized transport companies to move your car from any state.



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