Ferrari 488 GTB N Largo Novitec

Posted by luis-galan | 26 February 2019 | PROJECTS

Ferrari 488 GTB  N Largo Novitec

Once again we are proud to have been selected to make another impressive Ferrari 488 GTB  N Largo Novitec.

Novitec world

This very limited edition program is available only for twenty-two cars around the world, eleven coupes and eleven spiders. Of these only three of each version will be available for the United States market.


The experience counts and for this, the owner decided to leave this project in our hands, as you probably know we already have two cars with the N Long program installed by our team. This is not an easy job, every step during this process must be meticulously taken care of.

In this occasion were in charge of coordinating the transportation of this beautiful Ferrari 488 GTB from Florida. Our close relationship with some of the most experienced carriers allows us to offer a great quality service at a fair price.

Simultaneously the precious shipment of parts sent by air cargo from Sletten, a remote German town where the headquarters of Novitec is located was on its way.


To carry out this project it is necessary to remove the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, fenders, wheels, tires, suspension, exhaust system,  the rear quarter panels need some modifications to receive the new ones. After having installed the parts and check that the bodywork is free of imperfections these are removed to move to the next process.


To obtain a final result with the same high quality offered by the Italian automobile manufacturer, it is essential to focus on the smallest details.


Twenty-five years of experience repainting and restoring automobiles support us, we use the same materials used by Ferrari and the best equipment in the industry.

Around two hundred hours of work are necessary to create this marvel, impressive lines and proportions accentuate every finished detail in exposed carbon fibre, forged aluminium wheels of twenty inches for the back and twenty for the front wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires make this car something truly unique and exclusive.


The power and acceleration are increased considerably, the N Tronic module of Novitec in conjunction with the exhaust system and high flow cats are responsible for raising the power to 772 hp @ 7.950 rpm and 892 Nm tq @ 3.250 rpm safely and preserving the quality of factory management.

The impressive engine sound generated by the valved exhaust system can be regulated from inside the cabin with the push of a button.

Autodynamica in one of the largest Novitec dealers in the world and also is a certified installation centre endorsed by this German tuner. 


To receive any information about the Novitec products for the Ferrari car line, please call us or send an e-mail and we will gladly assist you.


P. (281) 292-7755


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