Porsche GT2 RS Performance Upgrades

Posted by luis-galan | 15 April 2019 | PROJECTS

Porsche GT2 RS Performance Upgrades, The Woodlands, TX.

For some people, the Porsche GT2RS is undoubtedly one of the most impressive cars in the market.

Its 700-hp twin-turbo flat-six drives the rear wheels through to seven-speed dual-clutch automatic for a claimed 2.7-second zero-to-60-mph time conservative, we think and powered this fastest ever 911 to a record lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Some others are looking for more power, better acceleration, very precise modifications and adjustments to obtain a more specific track set-up.

We decided to adjust the ride height and alignment, the results are a laser direct steering, and the rear slides-controllably-if directed; the brakes are amazing, with no fade present during repeated high-speed stops on track.

GIAC Engine Software Calibration

GIAC stage 1 plus engine software calibration adds 108 hp and 80 Ft-Lbs tq and more throttle response throughout the power band.  This calibration is compatible with vehicles that have no other upgrades to basic “bolt-ons”

IPD Intake Plenum

The 991 GT2 RS plenum upgrade delivers staggering engine power and torque gains that will raise the performance bar of the already potent supercar as well as the hairs on your neck. 

Horsepower gains are found throughout the entire power band with the bulk of the gains being realized between the 3500-5000 RPM range. Max power gains of 25+ wheel HP come in at 4300 RPM and hold strong all the way to redline. Torque is even more impressive at 40+ in the midrange with a massive torque gain from 3500-5000 RPM.

IPD Y Pipe

Y-Pipe design is not only larger but also utilizes “non-round” runners, an optimized merge collector area and our proven dimpled interior surfacing. This superior design delivers a greater volume of air, improved laminar flow and increased air velocity. These improvements deliver an additional 20+ wheel HP, 30+ Foot Pounds of Torque, improved boost response and more linear power and torque curves.

AP Racing NEW Brake Fluid. Radi-CAL™ R4 has been designed to perform better than any other product at the extremes of heavy-duty braking performance in the top levels of racing. With the highest dry boiling point of any racing brake fluid currently available, at 340°C (644°F), R4 stands alone.

In recent years, an increasing number of sports model cars come equipped with Ceramic Carbon Discs. They are becoming widely adopted, such as the Porsche PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake).

ENDLESS started working on the development of a specialized brake pad from 2003 and over 6 years of development and testing has completed 2 types of specialized materials which demonstrate high-level performance even when used in circuits, namely W007 and W008.


The BBi Street Cup harness bar features a 2 piece design and high strength seamless tubing (1.75” x 0.095, 1.5” x 0.083) for excellent strength to weight ratio. With our sensible design approach, the 2 piece design mounts to frame structure, utilizing factory bolts, to provide the strongest mounting points and maximum protection.

The ideal complement for the roll bar is a seat belt harness and SCHROTH produces a racing harness in accordance with your exact specifications and needs. The largest number of FIA approved components allows you to design numerous versions of individualized harnesses, fitting the installation specifics in your race car.

Autodynamica has more than 25 years of experience preparing and modifying cars of the highest level, call us today (281) 292-7755 and let us turn your car into something truly exclusive and impressive.

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