Autodynamica opened its doors back in 1996, originally based in Mexico City, with the goal of offering the best quality in automotive services. We started selling and installing accessories as well as basic tuning systems. Due to increasing market demand with the introduction of European cars in the early 90’s. Our customers began demanding higher quality products for their vehicles. This is how we got involved in more complex projects, dealing with high performance vehicles where the owner was looking for more than wheels and aerodynamic kits, which, while helped enhance appearance, didn’t do much for overall performance.

In this new stage of ours, numerous tuners approached us offering products that appeared to be the best—but the real improvement was not yet there. Our clients desire to be more luxurious and faster forced us to enter in a more professional and competitive race. We started dealing with more demanding clients, and this is how in 2001 we took our first Porsche 996 Turbo with the mission of making it faster and enhancing its performance past its already powerful 420 horses. We decided to visit a team of specialists who would end up being one of our closest partners in Tempe, Arizona. After our visit to the United States, we returned to upgrade the exhaust system and the electronic control unit of the vehicle just to find a considerable performance jump with a few modifications. Three months later, Evolution Motorsports agreed to make Autodynamica their exclusive dealer for Mexico. We began by offering the first cold air intake systems, exhaust systems and blow-off valves mainly for Audis and VW. However, our continued desire to work with the highest performing cars in the world was still latent and not far this time. After a long phase of learning and getting to know the systems, more and more customers with high-end vehicles approached us, making clear that our work in Mexico was being recognized in the field.

In 2004, we came up with the idea of opening a shop in Houston, Texas because companies such as GIAC, Evolution Motorsports and A.W.E. Tuning, to list some, didn’t count with a local dealer to supply this market. Thus, we opened this simple shop, but with all the equipment necessary to operate in this demanding market. The results were satisfactory and our participation in setting up cars for the track led us to learn more from the leading manufacturers in the nation, competing against tuners such as RUF and earning us recognition. Other brands, such as HRE Wheels, ANRKY, Brixton Forged, Champion Motorsport, Akrapovic Techart, BRABUS, NOVITEC, STARTECH, and Tubi Style have trusted our dealerships with the installation of their products after naming us distributors for both Mexican and American markets. Now, we are the largest authorized dealer in the world of Evolution Motorsports performance systems.

Through our participation and support of the best private car clubs in Mexico and in the US, we count with vast experience in tuning and setups for the highest performance cars. Our close relationship with Porsche Club and IPOC has proven Autodynamica Performance to be one of the best and most active car clubs in Latin America.

We thank our clients’ and vendors for trusting and letting us to keep pushing the limits in this competitive field, allowing us to follow our dreams, making Autodynamica Performance in The Woodlands, Texas one of the best performance shops in the United States.